A Message from Chinatown BIA on COVID-19

English Version


As the Chinatown Business Improvement Area (Chinatown BIA) we are here for our businesses and the residents of this vital community during this COVID-19 pandemic period. It is a difficult time that we face, but this community has faced adversity before and survived. Together we will again.


The BIA understand the challenges you face and together with the Government of Canada, the Province of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, The City of Calgary, and our Chinatown community partners we are here to champion your needs. The health and safety of our residents and the viability of our businesses is our top priority. We will advocate to get you the support you need and assist wherever possible.

Each day, the Chinatown BIA connected to our government organizations and is learning about many of the support programs that will enable the continuity and eventual recovery of our residents, businesses, and economy. We will send updates in the next couple of days as more information for business and resident support becomes available.

Self-quarantine, social distancing, personal hygiene and environmental sanitizing are very important public health practices to resolve this emergency and get businesses and people back on their feet sooner.



卡加利華埠促進會支援受到新冠病毒 (COVID-19) 疫情所影響的華埠商戶及居民。卡城華埠曾面對多次危機歷練,但以往關關難過關關過,今次亦然,我們將會成功闖關。





A full version of the PSA Announcement in English.


Many of our businesses are open


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