The new

Calgary Chinatown

Lamppost Banner Designs

Hosted by the Chinatown Business Improvement Area, the contest received over 80 submissions from 41 artists when the contest closed at the end of December 2020. The Chinatown BIA along with eight other judges from the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, Chinatown Community Association, Sien Lok Society, Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens' Association, The City of Calgary, Tomorrow's Chinatown, The New Gallery (art studio), and Calgary Chinese Merchants Association worked together to select banners that reflected Chinatown's history and heritage, Chinese culture, and the future of Chinatown. The Chinatown BIA thanks all the artists who contributed to this contest and the Chinatown and City of Calgary evaluators.

We have received numerous quality submissions and we appreciated the spirit that Calgarians have brought to this request. The winners' submissions will reflect the Chinese past, present and future and be admired by Chinatown visitors with a variety of enjoyments. 

THREE winners have been selected and the Chinatown Business Improvement Area wishes to congratulate: 

Ashley Oshiro.png

Ashley Oshiro - 雷詠兒

Peonies on Calgary Downtown Skyline by Ashley Oshiro - 雷詠兒 (3rd generation Chinese Canadian) embodies the theme of “Our Chinatown, Your Community” showing how Chinatown is an important part of the City of Calgary.  The peonies were used as they symbolize wealth, power and good luck in Chinese culture.

Gina Gong.png

Gina Gong - 龔倩妍

Perseverance, Ambition, Longevity, and Prosperity by Gina Gong - 龔倩妍 (1st generation Chinese Canadian) says the koi fish is a significant symbol in Asian cultures; synonymous with various meanings such as perseverance, ambition, longevity and prosperity. 

David Chow.png

Kevin Chow - 周明

Alberta Porcelain by Kevin Chow - 周明 (6th Generation Chinese Canadian) banners reflects the traditional Asian porcelain vases, tea cups, plates, etc. except they include seven (7) flowers found in Alberta.

The banners will replace the Calgary Chinatown 'Panda' banners that were installed in 2018 during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration period (February 12-28). "The selected banners are another contribution to the Chinatown BIAs mandate to 'Keep Chinatown Clean and Safe', A Must-Visit Destination', and 'A Great Visitor Experience'", says Terry Wong, Chinatown BIA Executive Director.