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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

(Written by Brian Wong) "I am the type of person that when I go out and about to other places, or travel out of town, and I eat something, then I want to do it, and I could re-make it at home," Tommy, owner / chef at Phat-Tee Food Burgers (pronounce Pat-Tee or simply Patty) may have more than just a business sense.

“I think I literally learned how to cook when I was very young. I think I just like to eat, hahaha…"

Tommy’s joint welcomes a lot of young people and sometimes, their burgers would just be sold out.

“People think burgers and Chinatown don’t mix, but I say why not? This community has a lot of capacity to add more unexpected options to patrons, I want Chinatown to be lively, it is my ‘hood.”

Tommy has lived in the area since when he was a little kid. Calling himself a boy with lots of energy, Tommy hung out in the neighbourhoods of Eau Claire & Chinatown. As a matter of fact, he went to a Chinese school in the area.

“I am the kind of guy that will just do it,” in fact, Tommy has run multiple different businesses before opening Phat-Tee, and the back story is all about the word - timing.

“This store fell onto my laps. It was O-Cup Bubble Tea previously but the owner had to leave for his home town for personal reasons. I took up the opportunity and it was also quite a process before I got everything sorted out but I got that.”

For example, the old partition of the kitchen wall is now gone and an open concept is created. Patrons enjoy the views of burgers in the making also with a more welcoming time for a casual dialogue about everything in life. Annex Ale Project Craft beer was added to the menu. Everything takes time, you could imagine how all the tasks added up on Tommy at the end.

When it comes to their signature items, Tommy highlights these two for the win:

The Chicken Sandwich, and The Bun Mi are the pictures carousel and descriptions:

Chicken Sandwich: This is our most underrated sandwich on our menu! Our chicken🐤 sandwich is hand breaded to and fried to ordered! Super crunchy and full of flavors. You can get it mild, hot or if your on the wild side get it super hot or burn your face off 🔥 LOL. Not in a mood for fried 🐔 you can request for a healthier option and have it grilled.
The Bun Mi Burger: Have you ever debated on rather to eat a 🍔 or viet 🥖? Think no longer! We have made two culture come as one! The Bun Mi burger 🤤🤤🤤. Special blend of our beef and lemon grass paddy with a fish sauce aoli and with all the bun mi fixing.

Another true story, the Bun Mi Burger was created in Tommy's dream.

"I was dreaming and then my brain just formulated the idea. I woke up, wrote it down, and here it is Bun Mi Burger, one of the best sellers!"

Of course, there are a lot more great burgers, crazy fries etc... on their menu.

Who is not on Instagram these days? Nonetheless, visit the shop after checking out Phat-tee's IG feed because they have two giant wall murals, hand painted by a local artist, and yes, they are instagrammable!

Classic Heart-warming Foods with a Fun & Crazy Twist - Phat-tee Burgers is located in:

Broadview Garden - #110, 2 Ave S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2G 0B3 (403) 613-7909

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