A Hidden Gem: Polar Bear Kitchen

(Written by Brian Wong) If there was a go-to phase competition in the Chinese community, “have you drank your soup yet?” could certainly come out on top.

"Chinese people usually call slow cooked soup as "old fire" soups. This is our expertise here at Polar Bear Kitchen," Jennifer & Ian is the husband-wife tandem of this small local business in Calgary Chinatown.

"Me and my husband has operated a restaurant before. In order to make our menu special this time, we started off with authentic soup, not only just for the savoury side but also to have health values to your body."

Starting off with a series of soup that has chicken simmered in water, usually with various other Chinese herb ingredients.

"Our family will ensure you get the best from us!"

"We need to keep the yin and the yang of our body balance. All our chicken soups are served in a coconut and that adds extra nutrition."

Jennifer and Ian ensured that there is absolutely no MSG in their soup. If there are actual additions, we must as well focus on their attention to interior design details of the dining room which yells out a modern ambience with an unique Asian flare.

The Chinese believe that hot soup can nourish one’s beauty, strengthen physical health, and even prevent and cure diseases. The infamous soup base at Polar Bear Kitchen is also a secret recipe to their other dishes such as Vietnamese style Pho and a wide variety of Southern Chinese traditional soup selections.

Signature #dishes:

🍲 Chinese "old fire" #Soup, brewed for hours everyday fresh

🍗 Special deep fried #ChickenWings. Great snack with beer 🍻

🍎🍇 Fusion Chinese herb + fruit #BubbleTea

🥘 #Curry#BeefBrisket on rice 🤤

📌 Unit 170, 328 Centre St. S.W.

☎️ 403.269.8399

#Delivery: Fantuan

Polar Bear Kitchen Welcomes You!

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