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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

(Written by Brian Wong) “Words cannot describe my uncertainty, everyday. I call-forwarded my business number to my cell phone and I got calls everyday from my buddy clients. I promised them that I will be back.”

This gentleman recalled the times earlier when the pandemic was declared, he had to sit at home pondering and waiting.

Wai is the master chef behind his very own Wai’s BBQ House, He started another popup BBQ meat stall in Crescent Heights before the business has outgrown the capacity. Wai chose to expand and picked the always-busy 3rd Avenue S.W. in the heart of Chinatown 10 years ago. He believes the location is absolutely wonderful.

As it stands, Wai’s is probably the only pure BBQ Meat Shop in Chinatown. They have amazing reputation for their BBQ Duck and BBQ Pork.

Great BBQ for a great price. I love the roast pork and BBQ duck. You can get lunch boxes with 2 kinds of meat and rice.
Without a question, Wai's BBQ House is one of the top BBQ place in Calgary. Whether it's roast pork, BBQ pork, roast duck or even those cold cut items.
Lunch box is flavourful and very excellent value for amount of food

“Even though we have less clients these days because of the pandemic and because less people are going to work, we are so blessed that many returning clients drive to Chinatown specifically just to get their favourite BBQ meats.”⠀

For starters, one should try their BBQ duck. That will go super well with a bowl of home-made noodle soup or rice. Try, also, their BBQ platter for your own family dinner. There are other authentic items such as salty or sweet sticky rice, frozen wontons, dumplings and a lot more.⠀

Freshly grilled BBQ ducks.
Freshly grilled BBQ ducks.

“In Chinese, or even in Japanese food culture, we call that Char Siu. We source the best supplier from Edmonton, always support local. Alberta Pork is number 1,”

Wai insists to use the most traditional way to grill the ducks by manual operations. It takes up a lot more time to prepare in the kitchen. But he thinks it is all worthwhile at the end.

”Because one thing is always certain! Quality food bring clients back." ~ Wai
Must Try! Wai's BBQ Meat Platter
Must Try! Wai's BBQ Meat Platter

Many of my clients, or friends, have passed on their taste to their next generations, or their friends by word of mouth. Non-Chinese clients? No problem. They know exactly what they want, and may know it better than many others.”

In a rare occasion, Wai dons the perfectly ironed chef gown for the profile picture for Calgary Chinatown. As he scans the signage he is holding on to, he couldn’t contain his excitement, “Chinatown Welcomes You, Wai’s BBQ Welcomes You too!”

You don’t need a social media campaign to remind you, just visit Wai’s BBQ House to shop local, and buy local. You can also support them by getting gift certificates which can come in handy anytime.

Location: 114, 3 Ave SW, Calgary (Tans Plaza) - click to launch Google Maps

Phone: 403.230.4456

Wai's BBQ House Welcomes You!

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