Resources for Chinatown Stakeholders

For Immediate Release: April 6, 2020


Economic Support for Chinatown Businesses, Employees, Property Owners and Residents.


The Chinatown BIA Board, through its Executive Director and staff, have been working diligently to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure that our vital businesses and services remain Visible, Valued, Viable, Vital and Vibrant to Calgarians. We are working to ensure Chinatown 


  • is visible and seen by Calgarians, 

  • your products and services are valued, 

  • businesses remain financially viable during the pandemic, 

  • remains vital as a source of authentic Chinese culture, food, groceries, herbal goods, and traditional medical services, and,

  • is vibrant today and continues forever tomorrow


For the past 3 weeks, the federal, provincial and city government have worked to establish economic support for Canadians. The BIA has been monitoring and collecting these support measures for our ratepayers and community members. These programs are summarized in the attached including this afternoon’s City of Calgary decision on 2020 property tax billing and collection.

Traditional Chinese Version


- 確保積極宣傳商戶;
- 提高商戶的商業活動價值;
- 保障商戶在疫情期間的財務持續力;
- 為享譽的文化產品,服務,零售以及飲食業保持生命力;
- 確保社區在今後保持活力。

在過去的三個星期,加拿大三級政府已經悉數為國民提供不同的經濟支援,但在疫情霧霾籠罩之下,這些來自四方八面的資料不免令人眼花撩亂,難以聚焦。所以本會已經整合了實際能幫助到華埠商戶的各種消息,包括新鮮熱辣,剛剛在四月六日於市議會通過的二零二零物業稅安排的資訊,請詳細閱讀以下英文文件 (如有需要請尋找翻譯協助)。

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