Tomorrow's Chinatown


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Tomorrow’s Chinatown is a project to create the first The City's first cultural plan and specifically for Chinatown. This Cultural Plan will be an input and guide to the development of a new Local Area Plan (LAP) also referred to as an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). This will be established in collaboration with the Chinatown community. Your Chinatown BIA is a leader and member of the Tomorrow's Chinatown Advisory Committee working along side 23 other community influencers.

「明日唐人街」方案將與唐人街社區協調,透過華埠新的地區規劃 (Local Area Plan or LAP),創立首個文化計劃框架 (Cultural Plan)。新方案目的是將唐人街(華埠)成為一個生生不息,充滿活力以及具有濃厚文化氣息的地區,從而提高生活、工作營商以及遊覽觀光的質素。

Let’s Talk Culture!

Are you interested in learning and sharing stories about Calgary Chinatown? 


Join us for a fun, informal, interactive, and informative series of conversations over your lunch hour. Each session will feature an identified big topic or an interesting aspect of Calgary Chinatown and its culture, like food, arts, youth, storytelling and more. We will leave lots of time to discuss, and share ideas and stories!


The Cultural Plan and Local Area Plan will help shape Calgary Chinatown's cultural development and guide its urban (i.e. land, building, transportation, and infrastructure) development with the end goal to become a more vibrant, culturally-rich place to live, work, play, visit, and do business for generations to come.

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